The company specializes in the production of PVC "plastic-coated" compounds. The product line also includes the special compounds of "rigid" series.
As part of a detailed program, I.C.P. has recently made industrial investments to expand the production capacity aiming to retrain, in the short term, the entire production structure. The investment program has been implemented in strict compliance with high quality standards required by the increasingly specialized market. As a result of this commitment, I.C.P. will move from the current 16,000 tons per year to the estimated 20,000 tons per year.
The technical-industrial know how in ICP enables the company to play a leading role in the production and marketing of products used in the cable extrusion field.

The broad production is one of the I.C.P.'s strengths, which include compounds that meet wider needs from products "commodity" used for insulation and sheathing standards, to compounds with more stringent requirements, for the production of special cables regulated and implemented either in accordance with EU and extra-EU specifications.

As part of a diversification strategy, the product line extends towards industrial area such as footwear, extrusion of tubes for transporting different kind of liquid, seals, sealing foil and sheets, injection molding of technical items. The production flexibility and the readiness of the materials in a short time are two typical characteristics of I.C.P. These specificities are essential to intercept and meet the needs of customers who, in turn, respond to a final "just -in-time " market.